modern school buildingNorth Carolina Law provides that any individual may not carry any gun, pistol, rifle, or other firearm on the property or grounds of a public or private school.  This includes any school function that takes place in any school building, campus, bus, athletic field, recreational area, or property that is used for the administration of any school.  There are exemptions from the prohibitions.

A valid concealed handgun permit does not authorize any individual to carry ANY OTHER concealed weapons such as rifles or shotguns.  Click here for a list of restricted weapons.

A person with a valid concealed carry permit may secure a handgun in a closed container within their locked vehicle or in a locked container attached to the vehicle when the vehicle is on property that is owned or leased by State government.

The person may unlock the vehicle to enter or exit the vehicle, provided the handgun remains in the closed compartment at all times and the vehicle is locked immediately following the entrance or exit.

A private school may prohibit firearms on their property by posting a notice. In this case, the concealed carry permit holder may NOT possess the firearm on that educational property.

It is lawful to have a firearm on campus if:

  • the weapon is for educational or ceremonial purposes
  • a person is a firefighter, emergency service personnel, North Carolina Forest Service personnel, or a private police officer employed by the school
  • a person is exempt by the provisions
  • home schools
  • a person is a registered armed armored car service guard or courier guard
  • a person is a security guard at a hospital or mental health facility on educational property
  • an employee of a higher institution. They may possess a handgun, but it must remain in a closed compartment within a locked vehicle.

Crimes related to carrying weapons on educational property in North Carolina can be found here.  

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