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December 2014

Legal Check List

By Karen MacNutt | December 10th, 2014

Between Christmas and New Year’s life seems to go on pause. We are exhausted from the holidays. We know the new year is about to start but we are not quite ready to jump back into the rat race. This is a perfect time to sit down and think of what you did in the year ending[...]

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August 2014

Posted: No Firearms Allowed

By Karen MacNutt | August 5th, 2014

Jane had jumped through all the hoops, both required and suggested, to obtain her license to carry a concealed handgun. She had joined a club. She had taken courses. She had studied the law. She had become proficient in the use of the gun. She had researched the best gun to carry and the best carry holster.[...]

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June 2014

A Locked Case

By Karen MacNutt | June 3rd, 2014

Joe had reached his “golden years.” He had never married, he was worried about living alone in his big old farm house. Between Roy, his hunting dog, and his shotgun, Joe was not afraid of people. He was afraid of getting sick or falling and not being able to call for help. Still, he wanted to live[...]

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