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Man assaulted by vigilante at Florida Walmart

A simple errand turned violent for Clarence Daniels this week when he went to Walmart for some coffee creamer and wound up in a chokehold. Upon arriving at the Walmart in Florida’s Hillsborough County on Tuesday, the 62-year-old Daniels, who is black, grabbed his handgun from his car and slipped it into a hip holster underneath his[…]

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The Four Tenants of Weapon Retention

For those of you who have read my writing before, you know I come from a law enforcement by way of a military background.  I received fairly extensive weapons training while in the Army, but it was focused on direct action techniques, marksmanship and tactics.  It was not until I put on a badge as a police[…]

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Aftermath of a Shooting – Miranda

Assume you’ve just had to use your lawfully-carried firearm in self-defense. The aggressor is on the ground, wounded, perhaps dying. The police ask you to come to the station and make a statement. What do you say, and why? If you have had a class on the lawful use of deadly force, your instructor probably told you[…]

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Gun ownership carries responsibility

This week in Idaho, a two year old child unzipped his mother’s concealed carry purse and managed to fire her gun, shooting the mother in the head and killing her instantly. The story has created a firestorm on the web, with pro-gun people saying she was careless to allow the child to access the gun, and anti-gun[…]

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GOP record on improving NC gun laws is formidable

Former State Senator Thom Goolsby writes in the Pundithoouse reviewing the improvements the Republican Legislature has made in North Carolina’s gun laws. He summarized them as: With Gun-Friendly legislators in charge of the North Carolina House and Senate, many various amendments to the State’s firearms laws have occurred over the last couple of years. Below is a list[…]...

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